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Your Strength In The Storm

Every day, good people face incredible struggles. Their lives are turned upside down by legal issues in civil litigation or criminal law, and the uncertainty of the legal system can be overwhelmingly stressful.

When our clients walk into Elias Law Offices for the first time, they are under a great deal of pressure — pressure we seek to alleviate through straightforward, informative and understanding representation. The attorneys of Elias Law Offices represent individuals throughout York County and surrounding areas in Maine in criminal defensepersonal injury and family law disputes with a focus on quality and lasting results.

The Skill You Need From Sanford Attorneys In Family Law And More

The attorneys of Elias Law Offices have more than 30 years of experience in a wide range ofpractice areas. Their skills have always been highlighted in courtroom proceedings, where they have developed an ability to find solutions that not only address their clients’ immediate needs, but also protect them for years to come.

Every case is handled with personal attention and a willingness to listen to client concerns. Elias Law Offices is a safe place where people can discuss the circumstances in their lives free from judgment. We focus on informing our clients of what route is most likely to lead them back to calm waters in their personal life.

Whether the opposing party in your case is a prosecutor charging you with an OUI, an insurance company fighting your car accident injury claim, or your former spouse disputing issues of adivorce, we can protect your best interests with integrity, professionalism and unmatched skill.

We take the time to understand the circumstances that brought you into our office, firmly believing that solid solutions are only achieved through a deep understanding of the problem. We will never needlessly take your case to court, but we will always be thoroughly prepared for it.

No Matter Your Situation, We Are Here To Help Today

Consider Elias Law Offices a place where your voice will be heard. We provide free telephone consultations in every practice area.

Reach us today online or by telephone at 207-209-2655 (toll free at 866-614-0975).