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It is my firm belief that you should never talk to law enforcement without an attorney present. The police do an important, but thankless, dangerous job. I have many friends who are excellent, professional law enforcement agents. However, there are a few police officers who care more about closing the case than they do about your rights and justice.Often, the police officer only knows one side of the story and can focus on other things when the truth is not so obvious. If you talk to the police without a lawyer, it can be an intimidating experience. Your statements can be misunderstood or, worse, misrepresented. If you have your lawyer with you, you ensure that the discussion with police will remain professional and within the boundaries of the law, and you have a witness to what you did or did not say.

It does not matter if you are innocent or have committed a heinous crime; do not talk to the police without talking to your lawyer first.

A criminal conviction, much less an arrest, can alter your life and future. Whether for underage possession of alcohol outside of a football stadium, a self-defense shooting or a false accusation of rape, you will face a criminal justice system that rarely has sympathy for the accused. Of course, jail and prison time can be serious, but so can fines, court costs and probation terms. And that is only the beginning. A conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life and can alter your career opportunities and lifestyle choices.

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I have extensive criminal defense experience in the following areas:

Every Criminal Law Case Is Serious

Every case is serious, and every case is different, so it is vital that your attorney understand as much as possible about your case. I interview witnesses, document crime scenes, research complex legal issues and take all necessary steps to ensure the most successful resolution of your case.

Each case is unique, so success can be a dismissal of all charges, a plea agreement that minimizes penalties or a not guilty verdict at trial. While I do have substantial trial experience, I know that very few cases should go to trial. I will be candid about your options and will tailor my approach to your individual needs. When you hire me, I will always have your best interest as my primary concern.

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