Michigan Expungement for Marijuana

Michigan Expungement for Marijuana

Michigan Expungement for Marijuana

Michigan Expungement for Marijuana

Michigan Expungement for MarijuanaMichigan law regarding expungement Marijuana is changing in noticeable ways in April  of 2021. Attorney General  Dana Nessel supports these changes and has helped put together an expungement path. It may pay off to look at the information posted on this website to see if you qualify for this opportunity. There  are also other criminal offenses that may be eligible for expungement as well. Getting your record expunged may be worth a try, you don’t know for sure until you give it a try. Your Michigan Expungement for Marijuana case may be one of the things you become most proud about at the end of the day. Here is an expungement checklist that will help immensely in getting your record expunged in Michigan for Marijuana.

Do I Need an Attorney for Michigan Marijuana Expungement?

You may not need an attorney to accomplish getting your record expunged for Marijuana under the new guidelines. Each case is different and exploring your options and going over the application process might be well worth your while. Many file applications on their own and are successful. This is a fairly new process and the website that it is on will be updated regularly as new parts of the law go into effect. Getting your record cleared under Michigan Expungement laws is a work in progress in some respects. The view on pot has changed dramatically in the last several years and the new laws reflect a new relevant perspective in getting your criminal record expunged in Michigan.

Although the application  process can be easy you may need an attorney at some point in the game. This may come, if the state denies your application and you need to get expert legal help. Finding an expert Michigan Marijuana attorney may be crucial to your success in some cases.

Top Michigan Lawyers for Marijuana/DUI Expungements

Seeking an expert attorney for getting your 1st time Michigan DUI expunged in Michigan may be crucial to getting your life restored to it’s normal pace. You may or may not need an attorney to handle your case. That’s up to you. If you would want to browse an attorney directory you may want to look at some of the  attorneys in DrunkDrivingAttorneys.com or DriversLicenseRestorers.com



    • Expanded number of convictions that can be expunged to 3 felonies and unlimited misdemeanors.Michigan Expungement Laws
    • Reduced the waiting time required to Expunge a conviction in certain circumstances.
    • Certain traffic offenses can now be expunged.
    • First time Operating While Intoxicated Offenses are now eligible for expungement.
    • Misdemeanor Marijuana convictions can now be expunged for past conduct that is now legal with no statutory waiting period.
    • “One bad night” provision which combines separate, but related, offenses into one offense for the purpose of counting convictions.
    • The automatic expungement mandate which will allow for certain convictions to be expunged without an application.


Michigan Marijuana ExpungementExpungement for First Time Michigan DUI Offenders


How to Get a Clean Legal Record in Michigan

Getting a clean legal record in Michigan for certain crimes has become easier than ever. To see if you qualify go to this site.  You can probably do this by yourself, but you may need help with the legal process for such things as:

  • First time DUI
  • Marijuana Expungement
  • Drivers License Restoration
  • Appealing Decisions against you in the restoration process

For help with dealing with these legal matters don’t hesitate to use one of the legal resources the state suggests or browse the attorney directories on the websites highlighted below to find the attorney that is right for you in one of these directories.

Best Attorney Directories to Find Expert Legal Advice

Below are two of the top Michigan attorney directories to get the legal help you need to accomplish your goals. Call around to several of the different attorneys on these sites to find the right attorney for you. Make a list of who can help with your individual needs. Don’t get gouged financially. Shop around and find who is reasonably priced. If that person works for you, refer them to a friend that has similar legal problems. If you want a good friend, you have to be a good friend.

Drunk Driving Attorneys.com 

 Drivers License Restorers.com

Happiness is having your record Expunged!


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