How Treatment Centers and Attorneys Can Work Together

How Treatment Centers and Attorneys Can Work Together

Attorney and Treatment Center MarketingTreatment centers and law firms may seem like two totally unrelated entities, but, in reality, they are very useful for one another. Treatment centers and attorneys who link arms and work with each other have a better chance of helping clients create real change in their lives and create the best case for themselves in court.

Clients facing issues related to alcohol or drugs often don’t have just one DUI or related charge. The underlying addictions often lead to patterns of behavior and multiple charges as a result. Without overcoming the underlying issues of drug or alcohol addiction, the clients have little to no chance of making a case for themselves in court.

Following DUIs, and without driver’s licenses, it can become a downward spiral for many people who either lose their jobs due to the charges or lose the jobs because it becomes too difficult to make the commute without a vehicle. It leads to family problems, often divorce and other issues. What starts as a small addiction with a few charges leads to a life of hardship and loss.

By getting treatment to turn their behaviors and lives around, clients can help themselves by creating a case for themselves in court. As an attorney, this makes your job easier as your clients prove they are getting help. Treatment centers may refer their clients to you for legal help, and you may refer your clients to the treatment facilities to help them face and overcome their addictions and other issues.

Working with treatment centers can lead to more clients for your law firm, and it can also help create lasting change in the lives of your clients by not only helping them get their driver’s licenses back but also to help prevent future charges for them.


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