How to Reinstate Your Driver’s License During a Pandemic

How to Reinstate Your Driver’s License During a Pandemic

In the last few months are worlds have been turned upside down. Covid -19 has changed the way we deal with life for the foreseeable future.  We have been locked down, shut down, been out of work and scared to death. Health experts have made recommendations that we never thought would occur during our lifetimes. Public safety is always in mind when creating rules such as social distancing, wearing masks and not attending large public events.

Driver’s License Restoration during Pandemics

Different problems require different solutions. Your solution depends on your problem. Our company has two nationwide criminal defense attorney directories.  Our websites are  and The attorneys in these directories are experts in DUI, traffic tickets and drug charges. Many of them list all their practice areas so if you need help in another area you can look at their listing to see how you can use their services. Each state has several attorneys to choose from. Many people call several attorneys to find which is the best fit for their problems and to see which attorney fits their financial budget.

Who Do I turn to get my License Reinstated?

You need to know who has the final determination in getting your driver’s license reinstated. Each state may be different. Finding an expert DUI attorney is the best thing you could possibly do.  You should ask, “Who has the final say in getting my driver’s license reinstated – the state my charges are in or the state where I now live?”  Many people have called our phone at 810-620-6064 to find out how to resolve this type of problem. Example: “Joe” gets his license taken away as the result of a DUI in New Mexico. He gets transferred to a job in Minnesota before he gets his issue resolved. Joe cannot afford to drive or fly back and forth to resolve his issue and a year goes by and he needs to apply for his driver’s license on his birthday.  Joe calls the MVD in New Mexico, but they may not be available as they were before due to Covid –19 problems.

 When people seek our help with issues such as this, we refer them to our attorney directories of both states. Most of the time Joe must deal with the state in which the original charge comes from. This is usually the best starting point, but every case is different. Contacting a reputable attorney who has experience in these types of issues is often the turning point to success.

Secretary of State or Court? Who Reinstates My License for a DUI?

Many times, it depends on the state and your personal charges. Some states give the Secretary of State full reign when it comes to driver’s license restoration. Depending on how many DUI’s you have incurred you may need to go through the Secretary of State rather than the court to get your drivers license reinstated for your drunk driving charges. Do you know the criteria to get your license reinstated? Some states have a policy in which you may have to do the following:

  • Successfully complete a substance abuse program
  • Attend support group meetings (AA, NA) and have your attendance sheet signed
  • Complete a MADD program
  • Have credible people write support letters following a guideline
  • Establish full sustained remission from alcohol/drugs for a minimum of one year
  • Have a substance abuse evaluation completed by a licensed social worker or therapist

Knowing the criteria and adhering to it is crucial to your success. That is why both and have attorney and treatment center directories for each state. This allows you to be able to find the right DUI experts to be able to help walk you through driver’s license restoration when it entails driving under the influence. If you do have a legitimate problem this is a great way to get your life back on track. If you can make a case to yourself about your addiction, it is always easier for your DUI attorney to be able to make a case to the judge on your behalf. Use these directories to help you find the best resources for your individual needs.


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