Florida’s DUID Driving Laws

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)

Florida’s DUID Driving Laws

In the State of Florida, a DUI is defined as a motorist driving under the influence. Most DUIs are defined as drunk driving, but this infraction can also be for driving under the influence of illegal drugs, chemical or controlled substance or even prescription medication.

Laws for each state are intended to prevent intoxicated driving and to punish those who drive under the influence. While most of the laws are written for alcohol consumption, they also include illegal drugs and prescription medications. A substance is constituted as a “drug” if it has an impairing effect on either the body or one’s reaction time. Because of this, it can be categorized as a drug in a DUI drug case.

To be charged with a DUI in Florida, there must be evidence that your Blood Alcohol Content, or BAC, was at the legal limit of 0.08%. There is not a legal limit for the amount of drugs in your system. You can face a DUI charge, even if the substance in your system is a legally prescribed medication. Being charged with a DUID (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) carries the same consequences associated with a DUI, which includes possible jail time, fines, loss of your license, fines and a criminal record.

Being charged with a DUI drug offense is a very serious charge. In order to help build an effective defense that will help minimize any penalties that you are facing, you will need to have an experienced DUI defense attorney. In addition, being represented by a qualified and experienced attorney will give you the best chance for dismal or reduction of your charge.

The State of Florida is tasked with the responsibility of proving that you were intoxicated behind the wheel, which is a challenging tasks since there is no scientific research to prove the amount of drug necessary to indicate intoxication. You will need to have an experience attorney who will advocate for you and present details surrounding your case and use the difficult burden of proof to give you the best defense that will help you minimize your charge or possibly have your case dismissed.


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