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Defense Strategy Based On My Experience As A Prosecutor

I am attorney David Akulian, a former prosecutor. There is no better preparation for a career as a defense attorney than working in a district attorney's office and trying cases. I understand how the government prosecutes crimes and builds cases. This experience also taught me how to uncover weaknesses in cases and use them to my clients' advantage.

Knowledge Of The Criminal Justice System

Because I have handled thousands of criminal cases, I have a good sense of when to try a case and when to negotiate a plea. We will discuss your options thoroughly so you can make an informed decision about the next steps. When you need someone to fight for you, you will have a skilled, aggressive trial lawyer on your side.

I Understand What You Are Facing

Individuals have limited resources to defend themselves against the government's power and authority. Whether you are fighting a DUI/DWI charge or a violent crime charge, your freedom and your future are at risk. Unless you have an experienced attorney to represent you, your chances of avoiding or minimizing criminal penalties are virtually nonexistent. Navigating the criminal justice system on your own is a good way to put yourself in jail, perhaps for a crime you didn't commit.


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May 18, 2022