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For more than 30 years, Fred has dedicated his law practice to defending people who have been arrested for  driving under the influence and charged with a misdemeanor or a felony in Alaska.

Arrested for drunk driving?

If you have been arrested for  drunk driving refusing to submit to a test, you are probably aware that the consequences of a conviction can be  severe, and that you must act quickly to ensure that your rights are protected. You will need an experienced DUI Defense attorney who will vigorously fight to defend you against these charges, protect all of your rights, and help you through this difficult time.

Lose driver’s license in 7 days

If you are arrested for drunk driving, your driver’s licenses will be revoked unless you contest the loss of your driving privileges.

No expungement for drunk driving convictions

There is no Expungement for a DWI conviction. You get one chance to beat a drunk driving charge. Make it count – contact us today.

Experience matters in dui cases

Drunk driving are more than traffic citations, and they require more knowledge of very technical medical science and technology than a mere traffic citation. Drunk driving convictions for a DUI or OWI can cost you your freedom with jail time and result in stiff fines and additional  penalties. The technical details and nuances involving a Datamaster breath testing device can be critical in your defense, but remain unknown to many inexperienced attorneys who only occasionally handle DUI cases.

Attorney Fred Slone has spent years destroying prosecutor’s cases built on field sobriety tests, the  metabolism of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream and evidence that he is able to have suppressed. His commitment to you and your freedom is paramount and evidenced by  his DUI cases. If you need an Alaska Drunk Driving  Attorney call him today!

“The attorney to see for dui cases”

Attorney Fred Slone has earned a reputation in the legal community as “the attorney to see for drunk driving charges.

Talk to an attorney today

Time is of the essence in drunk driving cases. By waiting, you may lose your drivers license, and either lose or severely risk losing opportunities to defend your case. To speak with an Attorney Fred Slone today, please call (907) 272-4471.  If you call after hours you will be directed to Mr. Slone’s cell phone. If you need an Alaska Drunk Driving Attorney call him today!

Attorney Fred Slone is a partner at Kasmar & Slone located in Anchorage, Alaska at 3003 Minnesota Drive, Suite 301.

If you call the office, will take your call, unless he is in court. In that case, please leave a message with his paralegal, mail a note asking for a return phone call, or to him to apprise him of the circumstances behind your arrest before he calls you back.

Call  today at (907) 272-4471 to speak with Attorney Slone.


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