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The criminal process can be confusing and often seem unfair. You need an attorney with the experience to guide you through the process and the knowledge to make sure the system is fair for you. Abels Law office focuses its practice primarily on criminal law cases. Mr. Abels has been practicing criminal law for over ten years. He has successfully litigated criminal cases in Marion County and all the surrounding counties of central Indiana. Mr. Abels represents individuals charged with all types of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to high level major felony cases including but not limited

1. Drug Possession and Drug Dealing

2. Drunk Driving Offenses

3. Domestic Violence Charges

4. Habitual Traffic Violator Offenses

5. Theft Offenses

6. Battery Offenses

7. Robbery and Burglary Offenses

8. Gun Charges

9. Juvenile Delinquency Allegations

10. Probation Violations

Every criminal charge is treated as a serious criminal case at Abels Law Office. There are no “minor” criminal charges, because even “minor” criminal charges can have serious consequences. Mr. Abels understands that your case is serious to you no matter what level the charge and he will give your case that attention that is necessary to ensure a successful result.

Timing is of crucial importance in any criminal cases. Evidence may exists that needs to be preserved for your defense and court imposed deadlines may be approaching for you to file certain motions to exclude evidence or preserve the ability to argue certain types of defenses in your case.

Unfortunately, sometimes criminal cases are not successfully won at the trial level and must be litigated on appeal. Abels Law Office will not abandon you after trial if your case needs to be taken up on appeal. Mr. Abels can help you navigate the complex and highly technical requirements and deadlines involved in appealing a criminal case.

Contact Abels law office immediately if you have been charged with a crime.

If you have been struggling to get a job, contact me to find out if you qualify for an expungement. Expungement is the legal sealing of your criminal record, including arrest record, which prevents employers from finding out about your criminal record when they run a background check as part of the job application process.Contact me for a free consultation to find out if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged. I will review your history at no cost to you and advise you if you qualify.Expungement Rights And Eligibility

The following chart will give you an idea if you qualify for an expungement under Indiana law and, if so, how long you must wait before you may petition the court to expunge your records. The waiting period can be shorter if the prosecutor agrees to it. There are some other less common situations in which you may not qualify for an expungement. It is important to speak with a lawyer about your unique situation. Contact Abels Law Office to discuss your record in more detail.

Specialized Driver’s LicenseWe all need transportation to our jobs and other essential places. If your license has been suspended for any reason, it is important to talk to an attorney about your options. On Jan. 1, 2015, Indiana completely overhauled its laws with respect to suspended drivers. Many people who could not previously get a driver’s license now qualify to get a specialized driver’s license or to get their suspended driver’s license reinstated without any special conditions imposed on them. You may be eligible for a specialized driver’s license (previously called a hardship license or probationary license) under these new laws. Call me to learn more about whether you qualify and how to apply for a specialized driver’s license.Commercial Driver’s License Suspensions

If you have a commercial driver’s license for your job and you have been issued a ticket while driving for work or even if driving your personal vehicle, you need a lawyer on your side to help you navigate through the complicated laws involved with commercial driver’s licenses. Do not make the mistake of assuming a minor traffic matter cannot have serious consequences on your ability to maintain employment or your commercial driver’s license. Call me to discuss your pending legal case.

Traffic Tickets

Even if you do not have a commercial driver’s license, any traffic citation or criminal charge can have serious consequences, ranging from increased auto insurance rates and required defensive driving class to substantial fines/court costs and even further suspension of your driver’s license. If you have been cited for a traffic violation or charged with a criminal offense involving operating a vehicle with a suspended license, contact me. I can help.


Experienced Trial Attorney For Criminal Cases

Abels Law Office specializes in litigating criminal cases. I am willing to fight for your rights and will thoroughly investigate your case for trial. Even if you choose to plead guilty, the best plea agreements are obtained by thorough investigation that highlights problems in the prosecutor’s case. I have represented clients in numerous jury trials and hundreds of bench trials in Indiana, from misdemeanors to serious major felony charges.

I am a former prosecutor who graduated in the top 1% of my law school class.

As a client at Abels Law Office, you will work directly with me from day one until your case is resolved. Your legal case is extremely important to you. I will not turn your case over to a paralegal or a less experienced attorney in the office. I will make myself available at all hours to respond to your questions and needs and will always respond to you in a timely manner.


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