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1st Step Referral Services is licensed through the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Service, Bureau of Health Systems Substance Abuse Program. We are licensed in the state of Michigan to conduct business in the area of:
SARF – Screening, Assessment, Referral & Follow-up CAIT – Community Change, Alternatives, Information & Training/Education Outpatient – Counseling & Treatment Services
Substance abuse services are conducted and/or facilitated by a Licensed Master of Social Worker / Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor / Qualified Mental Health Professional.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Counseling (OP)

At 1st Step Referral Services the goal of OP Counseling is to create an environment that encourages our clients to develop and engage in a program of healthy recovery. We understand that transitioning into and maintaining an abstinent lifestyle requires a commitment on our part to provide a meaningful, personal experience for each client. From the first phone call until completion of the program, every detail is managed to meet that goal. All OP Programming is facilitated by a Substance Abuse Counselor. Each session is structured to support clients in achieving an honest, open-minded and a willing approach as they actively seek an abstinent lifestyle. The OP Counselor brings  a personal passion to his work as he relates his own challenges and rewards experienced during his journey from active dependency to recovery. His philosophy is that recovery does not need to be boring! And it shows as he mixes his brand of straight talk with unexpected recovery humor, which clients can easily relate to. OP sessions are held in an interactive, small group setting. (Individual sessions are available by arrangement.) Minimum programming requirements consists of an individual Intake Session, 10-consecutive Group Sessions* and an individual After Care Planning/ Discharge Session. *We accommodate up to 52 weeks of OP counseling sessions. If the duration of programming is not specified by the Referring Agency, the minimum # of sessions will be 12, including Intake and Discharge. *The Counselor, at their discretion, may extend the # of sessions originally specified due to non-compliance, positive drug screens, or any other behavioral indication deemed inappropriate or counter-productive to the client’s progress in the program. Payment Information:


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March 2, 2021